Fusion Receiver System
fu·​sion | \ ˈfyoo-zhuhn  \ a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole

When two become one. The Fusion Receiver System (FRS) is a 10/22® compatible threaded barrel system that offers increased stability for consistent and accurate shooting. Threading the barrel and receiver into a single unit overcomes a significant flaw found in most semi auto rimfire rifles. The barrel is typically levered in place with either a v-block or grub screw. The disadvantage of using a v-block to attach the barrel to the receiver is a loss of elevation or windage due to tolerance differences between the barrel and receiver, allowing the barrel to shift. This is what is known as barrel droop. The result of barrel droop is a loss of accuracy and consistency of accuracy. The Grey Birch Fusion Receiver System (FRS) solves this problem, ensures perfect alignment between the receiver and barrel, allowing the shooter to achieve bolt action like accuracy.....consistently.

Sub MOA Accuracy Out Of The Box
Barrel Data
Material :
Barrel Length:
588 grams
416 Stainless Steel & Carbon Fiber
.22 Bentz
Receiver Data
214 grams
6061 T6
20 MOA
Clear Hard Anodize

* The Fusion Receiver System is compatible with most 10/22® accessories without modification