The Foundation

The Grey Birch “Foundation” is a fully modular chassis system allowing for a minimalist set up all the way to a fully customized precision set up. Utilizing advancements made in the industry towards modularity, users can build a system utilizing parts sitting in their spares bin, or pair with off the shelf common parts to complete their build.

Why the Foundation?

·       The base chassis utilizes a common AR pistol grip mount. 

·       The rear of the chassis uses a picatinny shoulder stock mounting system, a method that is universally accepted on bufferless platforms. All picatinny shoulder stocks are compatible with the Foundation chassis.  

·       The fore end has a strategically placed bottom picatinny rail to accept any accessories available in the market today. The user has the ability to keep the platform short and light or more geared towards precision and stability. The bottom picatinny rail is also the mounting point for several task specific fore ends available for the Foundation system.

So whether you’re building a compact and lightweight bush gun, an agile race gun, or a precision system, the Grey Birch Foundation is the cornerstone for your next build.